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About Our Camp

We plan on improving your players skillset... while doing so in a fun and interactive way. Players will be split into smaller groups to start the day to provide more meaningful lessons. Then as the day progresses players will be grouped back together and we will engage in a fun activity related to the skill of the day. Throughout the 2 weeks, we plan on inviting Kinnelon baseball alumni who are playing at a collegiate level, to stop by for a day and teach a specific lesson.  


Daily Schedule

12:30-1:00: Drop Off/Lunch Time
1:00-1:30: Dynamic Warm-Up
1:30-2:00: Skills Focus Session #1
2:00-2:15: Snack/Cool Down Break
2:15-2:45: Skills Focus Session #2
2:45-3:45- Scrimmage/ Fun Activity
3:45-4:00- Pickup


Baseball and Bat

Kinnelon Rec Camp
We also aligned our times to work along side the Kinnelon Rec Camp, providing Players who are enrolled in that camp to participate in our camp as well. Parents can also pay $5 a day for the bus, that will drop players at the camp from Stony Brook. Please contact the Rec Department for more details.

Rain or Shine

If rain or any other type of weather effects our ability to play outside, the camp will be moved inside for the day. (KHS)
An email will be sent at least 90 minutes before the camp starts

Baseball and Bat


Can’t wait for this camp to be back! My son enjoyed it so much!

Before the first day, my son was begging me to stay home. After the last day he was crying because it was over!

My son loved your camp last year and we definitely saw improvements with him after.

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